Aonghus Flynn, Web Developer

Dublin Web Summit 2011 Day 2

A lot of Day 2 (Friday 28th of October) was taken up by different panels. Again,this post is just the notes I took during the conference.

I hope it makes some sense.

Alex Ljung, Soundcloud; Jens Begeman, Wooga — Europe's Hottest Startups, moderated by Robin Wauters

SoundCloud can be thought of as the 'YouTube for sound.

Jens Begeman, Founder of Wooga number 3 games platform worldwide in 2 and half years.

Both vc backed

SoundCloud based in London, New York and San Francisco

Wooga from London and US

Alex Ljung: harder to get funding in Europe, More capital available in the US, more willing to take risk

Jens Begeman: its improving, investors willing to travel.

Alex Ljung: Investors are asking me what companies should they talk to. Looking for companies.

Jens Begeman: People don't want to play complex games, people typically play 4 times a day for about 10mins

Jens Begeman:Facebook relies on companies like Wooga.

Jens Begeman:Google plus, too early to tell.

Jens Begeman:Everyone in the company is based in the one office.

Jens Begeman:Moving into mobile 'Magic Land'

Alex Ljung:Barriers for music creation going down.

Alex Ljung:SoundCloud has an extremely high engagement level

Eric Ly co founder of LinkedIn, Presdo

Founding Cto of LinkedIn left 4 years ago.

Now invests in other companies.

Presdo: social network for conference attendees

Bootstrap model

Discovered the business based on what the market told us.

What he looks for:

  • The entrepreneur having a passion about something
  • Personally interesting
  • Are they dedicated?
  • If well executed will it make revenue and a difference.

Five year trends:

  • Social/mobile convergence
  • Mobile is the future
  • The way we interact is going to change a lot
  • Natural language interfaces

At LinkedIn spent a lot of time how to build the network.
Studied Spoke to see how they built their network.

Irish entrepreneurs panel
  • Anne Hearty CPL
  • Brian Conlon First Derivatives based in Newry
  • Iain McDonald Skill Pages

Anne Hearty:asked her boss could she specialise? He said no so she went off on her own.

Cash is king

People side of the business is huge

Brian Conlon First Derivatives based in Newry Software guys didn't understand the business, so he started writing software himself.

Go and meet people

Learn how to use PowerPoint and see if there is an idea worth developing first

If you are small, get on larger companies supplier lists

Barriers to entry are lower now than ever before

Iain McDonald Skill Pages: A business should be about solving a problem

Helps if you have an empathy with the problem

Just go for it

Anne Hearty: Now is a really good time to start business.

Life is a risk

Failure is an opportunity to learn

Scott Belsky Behance

Largest creative community

Behance now has a platform

Critical mass vs credible mass

James Whelton

19 yrs old

Set up coder dojo

Programming for kids

State of IT education in Ireland sucks

Panel: Nick Bilton, New York Times; Mark Little, Storyful; Nick Bell, News International — The Future of News

Technology hasn't changed news, there are just now much different tools.

Journalists have a more editorial role.</>

People don't read newspaper anymore, read online versions

News companies in a race to monetize online before newspaper revenues completely disappear.

Panel: Errol Damelin, Wonga; Ben Milne, Dwolla; Colm Lyon, Realex; John Lunn, PayPal — The Future of Money

Banks suck

Transactions should be free

NFC is just an interface

NFC stands for 'no fucking chance'

Mark Read WPP

Increase engagement is the most important.

Advertising is screen vs print not digital vs print vs tv

Recession is a great time to invest.

Noel Toolan, BrandAid; Marcy Simon, Burson-Marsteller

It's about building relationships

Branding countries

Every challenge is an opportunity

How do you rebuild Libya?

Do an audit

Start with local population

Northern Ireland troubles became the peace process

Don't over promise and under deliver

You don't need a huge budget to start

Brands don't deal with ones and zeros, ie need more than likes

So that was it, for another year. It was an interesting couple of days, I would say that it was more a business conference than a tech conference. I didn't one slide with code on it.

Having said that, there was great content and it was fantastic to see so many high profile speakers in Dublin.