Aonghus Flynn, Web Developer

Dublin Web Summit 2011 Day 1

Last Thursday and Friday I attended the Dublin Web Summit in the RDS Dublin. There was a great line-up with some of the top luminaries of the tech world descending on Dublin for the event. Here’s a quick round-up of the sessions I atteneded. I spent most of my first day in the Social Media/Marketing tent. These are some of the notes I put together to give you a flavour of the summit.

Maz Nadjm from Ogilvy spoke about social commerce and niche markets. Social is not new, social transcends technology. Likes the site

Mark Nolan and Deirdre Waldon from Cawley Nea were up next. They said social was not new. They also did a contrast between Arab spring and the London riots showing how people in one wore Adidas and in the other wore Nike. Called the London riots the ‘Nike Swoosh riots’.

Mark also gave his 3 rules: Be engagement led Increase sense of identity Let it breathe ie. release it into the wild and see what comes of it.

Mark and Deirdre then highlighted Bjorks app album, Biophilia, and rounded up their talk with a couple of videos: Video of Electric Ireland tweet hunt campaign.

Showed a video of HSE anti smoking campaign.

Adam Levene, from Grapple, the leading mobile app development agency in Europe and north America spoke about the importance of the Mobile phone.

They asked the question ‘How would you live for 24 hrs without mobile?’ One of the responsese was "I was itching like a crackhead without my phone"

There were 840m apps downloaded in uk in 2010 and £4.4bn forecasted global revenues in app purchases.

“When brands get it right returns can be huge" Deloitte

He then showed the Fable 3 Kingmaker mobile app example, and an example of an app from the Premier Inn. This app brrought in £3,000,000 in additional revenue.

Adam then gave 5 tips for anyone developing an app: Know objectives Know your audience Add value to your customers Know the context Shout about it

Ciaran Norris from Mindshare, the biggest buyer of google ads globally. He started with the Wiliam Gibson quote: “The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed”

Ciaran then outlined some emerging trends: Living in a post pc world 6% of Irish population own iPad 51% use social, gaming gamblimg apps Platform neutral HTMl5 apps iPad is not mobile: Mark Zuckerberg

Need to educate when using cutting edge tech.

David Sneden Google Nice google wallet video Use google insights for market research

Carla Buzasi Huffington Post Launched in uk the night before hack gate. Make it as easy as possible to comment. They have 24000 bloggers in the us. People are eager to blog. Politicians love blogging. Ordinary peoples voices are the most interesting. If you wouldn't read it why would anyone else.

Why people blog, people just like talking. What makes blogs stand out: passion.

Joe Fernandez Klout Web moving from site centric to people centric. Klout sends influence score to hotels, call centre to see what perks you deserve or how long you are on hold. Klout works with companies to put their products in the hands of influencers. Number of followers not important, it's all about engagement.

Alan Coleman Creating a campaign on facebook LinkedIn allows you to target people by many different variables enabling you to target a ver specific demographic.

David Shing, AoL It's all about conversation. Attention is the new economy. Engagement Participation is very important. Cause marketing: 90% of people interested in it. Fiesta movement What's next? Conversations not campaigns or chatter. Second screen companion, for example a phone synched with tv to provide more information Curation culture. Mobile merits, frequent flier points for mobile, like the rewards you get from being the mayor of a place in Foursquare Focus on explorers, look after VIPs Post digital=physical time online to enrich offline life.

How to succeed: Encourage remix culture Find the right people Harness the power of pre-existing products Make it look good Be ambitious Producer and consumer should work together

Tony Wang Twitter Was asked why there are no dev jobs in Ireland and mostly qa support type jobs Replied that it was early days for twitter in Ireland Also said one of the reasons they came to Ireland was the friendliness

Cindy Gallop makelovenotporn .com Peoples idea of what ‘love-making’ is formed from what they see in porn. Porn more easily accesible than sex education. No open dialog. Launched at ted 2009.

Nick Bilton, NY Times The hyper personalisation of everything Spole about the Nycresistor hacker space Showed how information spreads Nice data visualisation of the day that Michael Jackson died died

Ben Parr, Mashable Gave 7 reasons why entrepreneurs fail.

So that was the day 1 of the 2 day event. The main take aways I got from it were that social and mobile are extremely important, and engagement is more important than number of followers. The web is increasingly becoming about personalities and less about sites.