Aonghus Flynn, Web Developer

8 tips on creating video for your business

Making a quality video for you business is a lot easier than you would think.

With the arrival of youtube, video on the web exploded. Making a video is a great way of ranking in google as not a lot of people out there are creating video for their products and services, and so you can get a leg-up against your competition.

The cost of producing good quality video has fallen dramatically.You don’t need to have a Panavision or a Red One to shoot video that looks great on the web. You can use a camera like a Canon 7d or a Nikon d7000 and with a little practice, and a few tricks you’ll have footage worthy of an Oscar.

  1. Use a Tripod
    This is probably the simplest way to get great looking video. It steadies the shot and removes the handheld “amateurish” look.
  2. Use Lights
    It is very important when you are shooting video of your products that your viewers can see it properly and that means using lights. If you can’t afford a set of kino flos, woklamps may suffice.
  3. Use a Microphone
    If you can get one, a lavaliere (clip-on) mic will improve the quality of your audio no end.
  4. Use still photos of your products
    For the best view possible of your products, it might be best to take still photos and edit them in to the video. If your product is small enough use a lightbox. has instructions on how to create a homemade version.
  5. Do a live broadcast
    Services like and allow you to stream video live across the web for free. You can even stream video from your smart phone.
  6. Edit your video
    There are loads of free tools out there for editing video like Windows Movie Maker on Windows or iMovie on Macs. If you want something with more features, you can get Adobe Premier Elements or Final Cut Express for under €150 allowing you to do more sophisticated hosting.
  7. Use free hosting services.
    For most videos youtube, is perfect. This is where most people watch video online anyhow so it makes the most sense. It is also a good idea to brand your channel The Whitehouse has a good example of this. Whitehouse youtube channel
  8. Closed Captions
    Although not fully confirmed, closed captions are thought to allow google to know what people are saying in your videos, and so make the content searchable.

Once you have created your video, share it on all the social networks and hope it goes viral.

Have you had any experience with creating video for your business? Why not share by leaving a comment.