Aonghus Flynn, Web Developer

Gem for starting projects

I haven't done a whole lot of coding outside of work recently, but here is something new. I have created a ruby gem to help you getting started with your projects. To install the gem make sure you have Ruby and Rubygems installed. If you have a Mac, they already are. To install the gem, type into the command line:

sudo gem install start_project

enter your password, and that's it.

Once it's installed, you will have access to a command line utility that you can use to create your projects with the latest version of your favourite frameworks. To start a project type:

ProjectStart -t framework -n projectName

Where framework is one of html5, bootstrap, gs960, andup320 or mass and projectName is the name of the project.

I'll be adding new frameworks all the time, so if you want to see a particular framework added, let me know in the comments.

The code for the start_project gem is open source.