The Warrior is the fourth of the available troops in Boom Beach.

Check out my Boom Beach base Boom warriors! As if Warriors, the Super Warrior has lots of HP, attacks that freeze targets (while healing the Super Warrior) and a very bad attitude. A few Zookas can completely devastate a whole enemy base, but don't let them come under fire from enemy turrets! Come join the dark side! Every time a Warrior hits an enemy structure with his hammer, he will heal himself. Group of Warriors armed by the huge magic hammers can destroy the Headquarter for 10 – 15 seconds and defend the base from them isn’t very easy task. Post only re: Boom Beach, Supercell, or RedditBB. Boom Beach is a strategy game and combines attacks on other players with attacks against computer based bases. He sure got out of bed on the wrong side this morning! Here is an example of how it can be done. Flares and Smokescreens are great to guide and protect attacking Warriors even while your Shock Bombs and Critters suppress enemy defenses.

Available for those with Armory level 8 and above! Warriors do a lot of damage so this attack is very fast and effective. Print this page More Guides. However, most medium level Sniper Towers, Cannons and Boom Cannons can take out an army of Warriors due to their higher stats, regardless of the health that they receive back.

Warrior. Boom Beach Walkthrough and Strategy Guide. Warriors can do a ton of damage when deployed as a large group. I personally never seem to have enough wood in Boom Beach and probably you’re in a similar situation, so this will really help! 3. Posted by 4 years ago. Label NSFW. By Play Boom Beach For long-range attacks, call in the Zooka. Boom Beach Warrior is popular wallpaper picture.

Archived. The Warrior moves very fast, U can use it to run trough light defenses in order to destroy key targets behind them. No recruiting on this subreddit. Boom Beach is an strategic combat game where you fight a war against the evil Blackguard. Let us join your fight against the invaders. These defenses, especially at higher levels, can easily take out a Warrior. get more news and content download boom beach! Focus on TMed instead of Warrior with upcoming patch?

Good luck, Commanders, and Happy New Year! Warrior Tips.

I think people do tend to max their boom cannons and cannons first. Facebook Youtube Pin Interest Instagram Toggle navigation Currently HQ10, am currently focused on hooka and warrior troop composition (still early in on warrior upgrades). What is the best offense warrior strategy lvl 15 HQ? Boom Beach Supercell Storm the beach and win the day! He looks like a native Indian and is equiped with a large Crystal Hammer. No instructions, advocacy, or distribution of, hacking, cheating, exploits, or modding. Warrior - Boom Beach | - We're a warrior tribe of many strong men!

Warriors are the only kind of troops which attacks enemy with a cold steel arms in the Boom Beach. Support; Creating evil with The Blackguard Base Builder.

You can use this to your advantage by rushing enemy Headquarters. Be careful with defenses that do a lot of Damage per Second like the Cannons , Boom Cannons and Sniper Towers . Close.

How to Draw Warrior from Boom Beach step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. Boom Beach is an strategic combat game where you fight a war against the evil Blackguard. 2. Please report to the moderators if you see anything.