A cost of housing score of 1 indicates most expensive while a 10 represents cheapest.

The Cost of Living in Italy By John Moretti, author of Moon Living Abroad Italy The euro-to-U.S. dollar exchange rate has descended toward parity over the past few years, meaning that Italy is gradually becoming affordable once again for anyone earning greenbacks. Tuscany or Toscana (its name in Italian) is the fifth largest of Italy’s 20 regions, located slightly north of the center of the peninsula, with a long stretch of Mediterranean coast. Cost of Living in Italy. However average Cost of living in Italy for family is $2227 for students is $1070 and for bachelor is $2804.Also know best places to live in Italy

The cost will vary according to your age and the value of the car, your expertise as a driver and other factors. The amount you pay in rent is a big driver of your overall cost of living. Accommodation Prices. Cost of living in Italy compared to California (US). The northern part of the country tends to be much wealthier than its southern counterpart, and thus prices in the big cities like Milan and Rome are considerably higher than those in the rural areas.

The Cost Of Living In Italy As An American. The cost of living in Italy can fluctuate greatly depending on whether expats live in the north or south. The cost of housing in Italy is equal to Italy average and earns a score of 4 out of 10. Italy is known for its culture, traditions and job opportunities that welcomes expats & students for educations. There is always something to pay over here, others over there, a burnt lamp, a train ticket, or whatever. ... Then there are maintenance expenses, like new tires, oil changes, repairs, etc. Just about everything is cheaper than in the United States.

You should talk with an insurance agent to obtain a quote. A cost of housing score of 1 indicates most expensive while a 10 represents cheapest.

Renting in Milan or Rome is fairly costly, but by choosing a place that’s outside of the city centre you can get a lot more for your money.

For example the cost of living in New York City is almost twice that of Portland, Oregon. The cost of housing in Monza is more expensive than Italy average and earns a score of 2 out of 10. Car insurance is mandatory in Italy. We provide several metrics to compare the cost of living including cost of groceries, transportation, and more. Total cost to live in Italy.
Image Source: iStock/Clodio. Our total fixed cost to live in Italy is about 1.200 Euros, but you can round it up to 1.300 per month, which is basically what we spent monthly, really. The low cost of living in Italy is one of the big attractions for U.S. expats looking to start a new life overseas. Alternatively, if you choose to buy a house in Italy this could bring down your day to day costs.

Tuscany is, quite simply, Italy’s most culturally-rich region, and, for many foreigners, the ideal spot to live.