To identify the states drinking the most beer, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed 2013 per capita beer consumption in gallons among people 21 and over in each state provided by Beer Marketer's Insights. As for the states with the lowest levels of beer consumption, the one at the bottom of the list should be pretty obvious: Utah. By Zoe Chevalier , Staff Writer Aug. 7, 2018 The annual survey calculates the amount of beer sold in each state and divides it … And if you don't agree, consider the fact that Americans of drinking age downed an average of 300 beers last year, according to a new report by the Beer Institute , a national trade association. From the hoppiest of the IPAs right on down to the lightest of lagers, we love to crack open a cold one on any occasion.

The average citizen of the Granite State consumes 1.87 gallons of alcohol each year through beer alone.

America loves beer. F act, Americans love beer. We reportedly drink nearly 7 billion gallons of the stuff annually.. How and where we consume, however, varies significantly by state. 10 States Where People Drink The Most Beer We are a nation of beer drinkers. While we could debate all day about who brews the best of the best, the one thing we can't debate is what states reign supreme in downing the most suds and we've got the stats to prove it thanks to 24/7 Wall. This fits in with the wider trend of rural states drinking more beer than the national average. The Beer Institute is able to answer that question with its state-by-state beer consumption data. The 10 States That Consume the Most Alcohol On average, Americans drink more alcoholic beverages than is considered 'healthy.'