According to Strategy Analytics, Apple nabbed a huge 19% of the global smartphone market share in the fourth quarter, with Samsung’s grabbing 18%. ... but Samsung’s market share now sits at an impressive 22.3% — more than double Apple’s global share. Samsung is the market share leader in flash memory products.

Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy S line haven't done enough to boost the companies' smartphone market share. Apple trails Samsung, Huawei in global smartphone market, says Strategy Analytics. The iPhone nabs 11% of total market share in the second quarter of 2019, according to the research firm. This graph shows the market share of tablet vendors worldwide based on over 10 billion monthly page views. Apple’s market share keeps shrinking as Huawei and Samsung widen the gap. Samsung was the second largest brand, slightly behind Apple, with flat market share YoY.

The Chinese giant Huawei was the third largest brand, with consistent double-digit market share, leveraging a diverse portfolio across all price-tiers, but still some distance behind Samsung and Apple that represent something approaching a virtual duopoly. They are part of its semiconductor segment, which made up 31.6% of Samsung's net sales last quarter and 78% of total operating profit. This graph shows the market share of mobile vendors in United Kingdom based on over 10 billion monthly page views.
This chart from Credit Suisse shows that while Apple’s share of the high-end market — here defined as phones sold for $400 or higher — has grown as of late, Samsung’s has started to taper off.