The brilliant photos shot by Cathal Henry and published on the Facebook page ‘Unchartered Ireland’ go inside what was the island’s longest railway tunnel at one mile in length. The Armagh rail disaster happened on 12 June 1889 near Armagh, Ulster, Ireland, [1] when a crowded Sunday school excursion train had to negotiate a steep incline; the steam locomotive was unable to complete the climb and the train stalled. The Armagh to Keady freight service was withdrawn on 1 October 1957. RAILWAY HERITAGE - Lissummon Tunnel (GC26Y2G) was created by mcc42 on 4/16/2010. It is 1608m (1759yds) long and considered to be the longest railway tunnel in Ireland. These are the eerie pictures taken inside a former railway tunnel in south Armagh last in use almost 50 years ago. It may be entered at the southern end. Located on the Armagh to Goraghwood section of line run by the Great Northern Railway of Ireland.. Lissummon Railway Tunnel 1,608m 1759 yd long constructed with stone with some brick in the early 1860s. Thousands of feet under the Swiss Alps, a new high-speed, high-capacity railway is close to completion. A potential 15km route from Portadown along the former Great Northern Railway line, passing by Richhill, into Armagh City - the Armagh to Portadown Greenway. Built to accommodate a single track, Lissummon is Ireland's longest railway tunnel and the first in-service train passed through on 25th August 1864.

armagh to newry greenway “Lissummon Greenway” Linking two cities, this potential greenway would utilise the stunning LIssummon Tunnel for (one yard short of) a mile under the County Armagh countryside, with spectacular views over the Mournes and excellent connections to other greenway projects on both sides of the border. Markethill railway station opened on 25 August 1864, closed for passenger traffic on 1 February 1933 and finally closed altogether on 2 May 1955. This single track line has been operating for over 110 years and had been built by two separate companies. It's a Small size geocache, with difficulty of 3, terrain of 4. There is a railway viaduct in Keady as well as one of the more interesting artifacts of Irish railway history, the tunnel … The train crew decided to divide the train and take forward the front portion, leaving the rear portion on the running line. It is perfectly straight and runs approximately SE-NW. We hope that Canada’s First Railway Tunnel will become the new central hub of Brockville’s scenic Brock Trail Recreational Pathway. Lissummon Railway Tunnel was constructed for the Newry and Armagh Railway in the early 1860s. Markethill. The Newry and Armagh Railway and Lissummon Tunnel by JOHN CAMPBELL On the 14th of January 1965, the rail link to Newry and Warrenpoint was closed when a train left Edward Street Station on its final run to Goraghwood. armagh to dundalk greenway “Orchard Greenway” A route south out of Armagh City follwoing the former Great Northern Railway line, crossing the spectacular Tassagh Viaduct into Keady, before continuing through the rolling County Armagh countryside into Monaghan and Louth, passing through Castleblayney before terminating in Dundalk. Proposed redevelopment of the former Grand Trunk Railway/Canadian National Railway property west of the Tunnel and Gorge; Proposed improvements at our existing Armagh Sifton Price Park, south of the Tunnel. Perfectly straight but on a rising gradient of 1:75 to the north, the tunnel is masonry-lined but with some localised brickwork such as around the refuges.