With a maximum published length of 4.65 m (15.3 ft) and weight of 750 kg (1,650 lb), it is one of the largest marlins and also one of the largest bony fish. When you fly with your road bike, you have to pack it into a bike case, box or bag.

The International Game Fish Association lists the world record for the species at 1,560 pounds, caught in 1953 by Alfred Glassell, Jr. while fishing off Cabo Blanco, Peru.

Analysis of depth recordings from three marlin in the depth/speed study, as well as from three other fish fitted with depth/temperature transmitters, indicates a preference among blue marlin for the mixed layer, with the fish swimming predominantly above the thermocline (Figs 2 and 8). Bike bags are cheaper because most airlines won't charge you a supplementary charge, but they don't normally offer the same protection as bike cases. Black marlin are one of the largest bony fish in the world, and are one of the top predators of the seas. TIL The Black Marlin is the fastest animal in the world, exceeding the top speed of any land animal or bird in horizontal flight.
Vessel position, logs and particulars for Heavy Lift Vessel BLACK MARLIN at FleetMon.com, the global ship database. The blue marlin were followed for periods of 25-120h.

I’ll answer the following question (which hopefully is what your question was meant to ask): Density of water (1000 kg/m3) is way more than density of air (~ 1.2 kg/m3). Speed Avg/Max 10.4 kn / 17.5 kn

BLACK marlin (recently reclassified as Istiompax indica, after formerly being known as Makaira indica) are considered by many authorities to be amongst the world's premiere game fish.They certainly have size on their side, with the all tackle world record black marlin weighing in at 1560lb (707.6kg) taken by Alfred Glassell way back in 1953 off Cabo Blanco, Peru. You can also check the schedule, technical details and many more. The black marlin (Istiompax indica) is a species of marlin found in tropical and subtropical areas of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

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