I have a Hi Power and a CZ Rami right now. I have both, you shouldn't pay as much for a CZ 75 as you pay for a Browning Hi-Power; that said, between the two I'd take the CZ 75. The 941 is a variation of the Cz75 design. The CZ 75 has some novelties.

Thus, it's more accurate to say that the pistol is more like a single-action with second-strike capability. The hammer spur on a Hi Power just chews me up. I do not own any Browning guns and would like to "check" that off my collection. The ergonomics of the Browning is simply fantastic and it fit my hand like a glove. I'm looking at either a CZ-75 B SA (single action full size) or a Browning Mk III.

I have both the HP as well as the CZ 75B SA. This makes the CZ 75 very comfortable to hold, and one of the most naturally-pointing pistols this side of the 1911. Hi Power VS CZ 75 General Gun Discussion. Get a Beretta if you are one. First is the ergonomics, with a generous beavertail on the frame for a high, tight shooting grip, and a palm swell reminiscent of the Hi Power which comfortably fits the hand. With its looks, you might say it's an improved Browning Hi Power, a Hi Power Evo if you will. My CZ 75 is more accurate than my Hi-Power (my Hi-Power is a Browning Sport model, factory hard chromed with adjustable sights), came with a better trigger right from the factory and the fit and finish is equally good. I like both, but the CZ is a better “shooter”. The CZ-75 Compact, like the full-size, is technically double-action but it has a manual safety that only engages if the hammer is cocked.

I think I am leaning toward the Hi Power just because I already have the CZ Rami and I have a Beretta 84 in 380 which is similar in design. The Browning Hi Power as well as most automatics that followed were definitely influenced by the genius of John M. Browning to be sure, but neither the Hi Power nor the CZ-75 were entirely spawned from his genius. The CZ has a longer grip and a is more ergonomic for me. Quality guns cost a lot of money. In firepower, tyhe CZ-75 magazine holds 2 rounds more than the browning's, but I have a 21 rounfd mag for mu GP_35.ison and see which factors are mosr important to you. I feel that the CZ-75 is a product improved Hi Power. The CZ-75 is considered to be a outstanding gun. Ony the beretta 92F beats it overall and the CZ-75 outscores it for accuracy and quick draw. Browning Hi-Power vs CZ-75B I've been shooting a friend's Beretta 92 lately, and have decided I would like to have a hi-cap nine of my own. I DID shoot a NRA basic pistol course using my dad's Hi Power back in college (I needed a single credit hour to remain full time) and liked the HP, but that's all I know. For mu use, the CZ-75 has a goos lead. I did however have the opportunity to handle and fire a browning hi-power at the range yesterday. In the case of the Hi power, you can buy copies from FM, FEG, Charles Daly that work just as well. Firstly, if there has been a previous thread discussing this topic, I apologize, but I couldnt find one.