So, when they hear news that the Prince, Klaus Mikaelson, is looking for a wife, they tell Caroline that she has to go. But we really can't say about His love for Caroline and Camille but let's analyze CAROLINE 1. always. in literally every scenario. Log in Sign up. Klaus looked up at the window, trying to figure out what he was going to do. But as any TVD fan knows, Caroline found her happy ending with Stefan Salvatore, who she married. She goes to look for Tyler in New Orleans a... #caroline #klaus #love #originals #vampire. Klaus Mikaelson uses violent and controlling behaviour to cover up the fact that deep down he is so vulnerable and so desperately just wants to believe that he is worth something and that there are people who truly love him. Caroline tries to snatch the paper, unsuccessfully and is frustrated with Klaus. Caroline & Klaus. Read at your own risk. The whole time he had been too busy trying to find Caroline for an irrational reason without really thinking about what he would do when he found her. Of course, Klaus and Caroline have a multifaceted relationship. Klaus has many flaws, but he is honest about his intentions, especially his feelings for Caroline. Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson; Caroline Forbes; Klaus Mikaelson; Canon-ish; Summary. I mean, the scene where Caroline and Klaus danced together at the Mikaelson's ball was an iconic moment for the show and for "Klaroline" fans.

Caroline then laughs and continues to drink her champagne, while Tyler is watching them. View the profiles of people named Caroline Klaus. No. Caroline Forbes/Klaus Mikaelson; Caroline Forbes; Klaus Mikaelson; All Human; Friends With Benefits; First Date; Summary. But it sucks. 36,115 notes. Klaus is a complex character with many qualities and flaws. Caroline and Klaus Vampire. Caroline is having a great time in Whitmore College. Klaus pours her a glass of champagne and Caroline asks Klaus whether he thought about being human again. Anonymous asked: Mini prompt- Klaroline have been doing the friends with benefits thing for a while. This page is dedicate at the most beautiful couple, caroline and klaus Tap to play or pause GIF The CW Find and follow posts tagged klaroline on Tumblr. His jealousy gets the better of him in The Vampire Diaries, and he destroys Caroline's relationship with Tyler by banishing the hybrid from Mystic Falls and killing his mother, Carol Lockwood, in Season 4.. RELATED: The Vampire Diaries: 10 People Caroline Forbes Should Have Been With Other Than Stefan Salvatore Read Caroline & Klaus from the story The Vampire Diaries Smut by tvshowsmut (Smut :)) with 9,413 reads. But we really can't say about His love for Caroline and Camille but let's analyze CAROLINE 1. WARNING: I'm telling you right now I wrote this when I was in middle school so it sucks. She doesn't think she will get chosen, until she catches the Prince's eye. swainlake “imagine your otp” i do. The Conversation 2.7K 58 4. by PaytonAllen4. Am I gonna delete it? One day, Klaus admits to Caroline that he doesn't want to do this with her anymore. And more importantly, can she learn to love one? It’s been more than four years since Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes have appeared together on screen — not counting that Vampire Diaries phone call, … Then, Klaus opens a paper which is Caroline's Miss Mystic application. Anonymous asked: Hey for your prompt list (if you’re feeling a little angsty): 700 years ago Mikael tired (and failed) to make himself a vamp army, Caroline’s always been too much of a rebel for that nonsense (and really good at withstanding torture). Can she live with being the wife of a monster? Klaus is a 2019 English-language Spanish traditionally animated Christmas adventure comedy-drama film written and directed by Sergio Pablos in his directorial debut, produced by his company Sergio Pablos Animation Studios and distributed by Netflix. AU: set in 1594 #me watching a movie or tv show: this would be a great au #sarah speaks #bellarke #jonsa #klaroline. The series will follow Klaus' daughter Hope as she attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, which is the school that Julie Plec mentions Caroline … Stefan, like Klaus, made a heartwrenching choice to sacrifice himself too in order to save his brother Damon and everyone in Mystic Falls. Shortly after the feelings develop, the Mystic Falls team begins to use Caroline against Klaus as a tool of distraction, sometimes to thwart him (like taking a cursed Elena out of his house), and also to assist in attempts on his life. He wants them to be something more.