Blue. 5: Who is Denis' current roommate(s)? Many believe Denis's real name is Paul, because of a little joke he made in one of his videos.

DenisDaily Quiz. Material: Squishies are made … He was born Denis Kopotun in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and moved to Nashville, Tennessee when he was 3 years old. Denis was born on the 5th of June, 1996, in Edmonton which is located in Canada. Brown. 4: What is Denis' favorite animal. The child was very good in drawing. Well you can find out now on this quiz. Duck.


He was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and moved to Nashville, Tennessee when he was about 3 years old. Tankthedog123m btw im a TikToker (95180) 7 days ago . Denis had at least 1 relationship in the past.

Cat. Tiger.

Denis's first video was a Minecraft video. Make sure to subscribe Denis and like his videos. SUP I AM SUO (30556) 10 days ago .

No. 3: Who is DenisDaily? Fish. Idk. DenisDailyYT is single. Family Life. He is from a family which was an intelligent one. Denis's true love abandoned him in college.

Dimensions: Handmade to be 5.5 x 5.5 x 8 inches (width, length, height). Alex and Sketch. DenisDailyYT’s Girlfriend.
The family broke when the boy was a toddler. 40% Complete (success) 1: What is Denis' favorite color? Random Guy. YouTuber/Gamer. Horse. This mini Denis is very resilient, and will always come back to his regular shape no matter how much you hug and squeeze him! Red.

167 talking about this. Idk.

Dog. He opened his You Tube account which was devoted to gaming content. How Well Do You Know Denis Daily? He is not dating anyone currently. Denis has an insane love for cats. Great job making this quiz, it turns out I really do know myself. 10 Questions - Developed by ... i love your videos escpecially the piggy ones.i am fron india and i watch your videos at 10:30 pm . His specialization is strategic games, including games for kids.

DenisDaily (82643) 6 days ago .

Yes. The Denis Squishy has finally arrived! 2: Does Denis plan on getting a cat in the near future? DenisDailyYT has not been previously engaged. Artist.


Maybe. A YouTube video he posted in August of 2015 that earned hundreds of thousands of views helped him realize that he wanted to pursue YouTube full-time. I make daily kid-friendly Roblox videos! Share on Facebook.

Denis started YouTube thanks to skyping Corl. The father was a specialist in mathematics. Denis's channel was originally named “Denis - Roblox, and More!”. Hek dis harrrrrrrd . Hi my name is SUO.