The 100 must find a way to prevent Earth's abandoned nuclear reactors from emitting radiation, poisoning the planet and dooming its inhabitants. We take a look at the candidates and decide how likely they are to survive season 4 of The 100, Clarke and Bellamy are probably safe, right? Luna is the only person who does not die from the A.R.S, which makes Abby realize that Luna's body is rejecting the radiation because of her Nightblood.
The 100 Season 7: Trailer, Spoilers, Photos, Premiere Date, and Casting

"The fallout from what Clarke did, just think about it," Rothenberg says. In the hopes of continued survival, Clarke … The 100 has reset itself once again, with Season 6 introducing us to a mysterious new planet called Sanctum. This is a character that wants to die … The 100‘s Season 3 came to a great, action-packed, and to put it mildly, dramatic close last night.It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we’re not fine. In Part 1 of the two-part season finale, Clarke finds hope in the most unlikely place. You Can Take the Girl Out of Mount Weather…

The 100 may have just killed off Clarke by replacing her consciousness with one of the Lightborn Primes, Joesphine. The CW's "The 100," currently in its third season, killed off two of its most beloved characters in recent weeks, sparking much online discussion. Lincoln (played by Ricky Whittle) was one of those characters. Who do you think we will lose during season 5? Clarke writes a list and includes Bellamy as number 99, and he writes her name for the 100th spot. Highlights and all the feels below. Arkadia can only house 100 people for the next 5 years to ride out the radiation. While Lexa didn’t come back to life, she was seen in The 100 Season 3 finale. In my opinion there are only a few deaths that would really shake up Clarke's life. Sound off with your thoughts on the latest revelation about Clarke … It may not have been everything that fans wanted, but it did offer some closure. Why 'The 100' Season 6 Is Its Best Since Season 2 We're breaking down how this season could end up being the best ever.
The 100 has already been renewed for Season 7, and it would be a shame to lose either Blake. If you’ll remember, the shocking midseason finale left Clarke killing Finn before the grounders could get to him for murdering 18 of their people. Spoilers for The 100 Season 4 finale are below. ... Release year: 2017. The 100 Season 4 Finale Photos Launch Gallery * In order to get her friends into space, Clarke sacrifices herself, remaining on the ground to power the satellite Raven needs to gain entry to the Ark. Clarke and Lexa got their emotional goodbye, as Clarke’s consciousness met Lexa’s consciousness stored inside the commander’s chip. 2015-01-21T14:14:40-05:00. Meanwhile, ALIE's master plan comes together.