... (NTAP) Graphic Notices General for complete list of published airports, temperature, segments, the NTAP. While Although current FDC NOTAMs are published in the NTAP, current Chart FAA agencies (e.g., AVN, ATC). 2. USAF, USA, USM, USN and USCG are not required to adhere to the procedures found in this NTAP at these airfields. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) publications: • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) • Airport/Facility Directory (A/FD) • Notices to Airmen Publication (NTAP) for flight planning in the National Airspace System (NAS) Pilots should also consult the Pilot’s Operating Handbook/ The NTAP is divided into three parts: 1. DISCUSSION: The NTAP contains (D) NOTAMs (D) that are expected to remain in effect for an extended period and FDC NOTAMs that are current at the time of publication.

FAA Order 7910.4. UAL 93 - (d) Radar - 2 ZOB 386 NTAP 1338-1342.pdf 7597027: 69 ZOB-388 Military NOTAMs are not published in the NTAP. Mark Steinbicker gave the FAA update (AFS-410). Request for the creation or revisions to Airport Diagrams should be in accordance with See the FAQs prior to contact via toll free number or email. It is possible that by early in 2007 the NTAP policy will be published to expand RNAV substitution. Special Traffic Management Programs (STMPs) are implemented for special events that attract thousands of people and aircraft to participating airports. This SAFO alerts operators, owners, and maintenance providers of aircraft with PT6A engines of a safety issue regarding the incorrect installation of reversing levers … UAL 93 - (d) Radar - 2 ZOB 382 NTAP 1320-1325.pdf 7597025: 69 ZOB-384 NTAP NTAP 1334-1338 2. c. Notices to Airmen Publication (NTAP). If NOTAMs are issued saying the procedure is “NA”, that effectively eliminates RNAV substitution capabilities. The NTAP is published by Mission Support Services, ATC Products and Publications, every 28 days. Data of a permanent nature can be published in the NTAP as an interim step between publication cycles of the Chart Supplement U.S. and aeronautical charts. Answer (B) is incorrect. To properly manage the flow of arrivals and departures for these events, the FAA requires users to make arrival and departure reservations to and from these airports. Answer (C) is incorrect. Temperature Restricted Airport using the FAA cold temperature model. Identifier Airport Name Temperature Intermediate Final Missed Appr UAL 93 - (d) Radar - 2 ZOB 384 NTAP 1334-1338.pdf 7597026: 69 ZOB-386 NTAP NTAP 1338-1342 2. This information is applicable to FAA authorized operators operating into these airfields.