Needless to say that if your answer is no then being a side chick is not for you! 15 Unspoken Side Chick Rules For The Other Woman. Call her the other woman, the homewrecker, the mistress, the “thot”; I refer to her as the side-chick.

There’s a group of side chicks who find just being in the same room as the dude’s main freaky as all hell. The first whisper reads, "My girlfriend is horrible, so I have a side chick and I'm actually falling in love with her. Falling in love is fun, but to fall in love with your best friend might be riskier since you don’t want to ruin the friendship. I've been seeing a lot of jokes online about "side chicks" along with a reaction pic/gif, like.

Yes, I Have A Side Piece. Really though, the easier it … etc. The 10 Side-Chick Commandments! The side-chick is a complex individual whom no one ever takes a moment to understand. This is a definitive no-no.

Make your own hope. ... Don’t let your emotions deceive you that you have fallen in love. ... Don’t go into one of these types of relationships holding back your true feelings and expecting love to build on their side. Be open and honest about what you both want if this relationship doesn't work out. Do not fall in love. I'm currently a single parent in a bind and he helps me TREMENDOUSLY.
When you get a text from your side chick while you're with your main chick. He’s falling … This isn't so much one of the signs he has a side chick as much as it is a sign that you are the side chick. Can you imagine your self not falling too deeply in love with someone because you out-rightly agree with being his woman on the side? All Hail the Side Chick- 10 Songs That Saluted The Side Chick Before SZA Peachkyss November 6, 2017 Ballerific Music Leave a comment SZA dropped “The Weekend” earlier this year and of course many were not pleased with the lyrics. Many men who try to sneak a side chick around will warn the other woman about a "crazy ex" who thinks they're still dating.

By doing this, you can have the knowledge to make your own decisions in your unique situation. Typically, cheating is associated with men, and the language used to describe it include jump off, side piece, and mistress, which refer to men sleeping with multiple women. Your expressions make him blush at times and he can’t control it even if he wants to. Side chick isn't a priority in the relationship. Whether it’s just sex or an actual secret relationship, having a woman on the …
So, if you have decided to become the third wheel of a relationship, you ought to heed to 12 golden rules that will help you stay clear of any potential trouble and be a good side chick. Falling in love is not as deep as standing in love. That’s a straight shot to over-shooting your target.

Dont leave a wife because of a hot side chick.

This is the numero uno rule. Never let her fall in love or fall in love yourself.

You should not totally fall in love with your partner if you wants to keep him. Misconception #1: She Should Look Better Than Your Main Girl. I've dated each one exclusively at one point and was honest with both of them about being involved … When my gf wants to go to the place my side chick works. A person who falls in love can fall out of love. Even most "crazy exes" will not go so far as to chase around a guy's new girlfriend in order to get their ex back. Also, falling in love can cloud your judgement. I met them both at the same time and after about 5 months I realized I have to have both of them to be happy.

Side chick isn't the person you see every day. Hollywood has portrayed the side piece to be a woman or a victim of the "situationship", imposing double standards. If he is falling in love with you, a very small reaction or smile of yours will bring a smile to his face. Your arrangement is strictly a sexual one, thus emotional attachments don't have any room here. Her hotness is a mirage that will disappear once you start living with her. Now I dont condone side chicks. Falling in love will hinder the ability to retain control over your man. Here's Why. 1. You should be able to focus and shield your heart from love. Over the years we've become friends, like BEST FRIENDS. 15 Ways To Tell If He Has A Side Chick. You’ve seen her, dealt with her, dated her, hell, you’ve probably been her once or twice before. I am a devoted main chick.. that happened to end up on the other side of the playing field. A side piece in an affair is not gender specific.

Side chick isn't a priority in the relationship. By Tyson Paul: Some of us do it because it’s not time consuming, some of us do it out of pure love for another person, and for others, some of us just do it for the rachets. Side chick is, unfortunately, an afterthought, for when main chick gets boring, annoying, or busy. "Is there ever a good reason? ... Make your own future. 12 Rules For Keeping A Side-Chick Without Headaches ... We know you are out there, and you love to have your side-chicks.