Herring Salad is a well-loved dish in the German cuisine. Well, during part of the period that Norway and Sweden were in a union, the flags were supposed to carry the Union Mark, popularly known as "herring salad". You can also add some onions sliced in rings.

It can be eaten year round, but is often served for holidays like New Years. alternatehistory.com Menu. share. The Swedish flag is part of the Nordic flag tradition that started with the Danish red-and-white cross flag "Dannebrog" that according to the legend fell down from the skies during a crusade battle in 1219, near a place that is today's Tallinn. A common flag started being used for both countries, but it was so confusing and complicated that it was soon known as the ‘herring salad’ flag.

Union Flag of Norway and Sweden’s personal Union from 1814-1905. During ancient times countries did not fly flags.

May I have a flag of a United Kingdom of Scandavia (much like in the style of the United Kingdom of Britain) with Sweden as the dominant partner? Initially, the union flag was popular in Norway, since it clearly denoted the equal status of the two united states. Not because of anything evil about them, mind you. New posts Search forums. 98% Upvoted. How To Serve Red Herring Salad. Sweden did not remove the "herring salad" from any flags before the end of the union. 34 comments. ... Archived. The national and merchant flag of Norway (1844-1899), with the Norway and Sweden union mark, the "herring salad". This thread is archived. Russian Layered Herring Salad; Herby quinoa, feta & pomegranate salad; Pecorino crumbed Chicken on salad. What's new.

Heinrich Kühlmann GmbH & Co. KG Im Thüle 26 33397 Rietberg, Germany Phone: +49 (0) 5244/ 4009-0 Fax: +49 (0) 5244/ 4009-99 willkommen@kuehlmann.de Within the union there were several trade acts, giving duty-free trade between Sweden and Norway. per saltire composed flags of Sweden and Norway, each preserving the relative ratio of stripes appropriate for each national flag. The overall ratio 4:5 I concluded from images at FOTW. The “herring salad” flag Next came the “herring salad”, adapted merchant flags used by both the Norway and Sweden between 1842 and 1898.

The herring salad, i.e. They were just really, really ugly. Željko Heimer, 14 July 2002 save hide report. To serve, lay some slices of boiled egg on top of a mound of herring salad along with a sprig of dill for an attractive presentation. Initially, the union flag was popular in Norway, since it clearly denoted the equal status of the two united states. The badge was popularly called Sildesalaten ("the herring salad") from its resemblance to a herring salad.