Him meeting up with Itachi as his partner for the first time was after Orochimaru left, which was when Akatsuki split up into pairs and started roaming. why did people join the Akatsuki. He grew tired of betraying his own comrades and was given an offer to join the Akatsuki. If he was evil, he would have killed Kakashi,Asuma,Kurenai, and Sasuke that time-and … Tobi/Madara and Zetsu wanted to capture and seal the Tailed Beasts for his Moon's Eye plan. He seems to have been intrigued by the Akatsuki even before he was recruited, either because he believed a group of S-Rank criminals could help him with his goal of mastering all ninjutsu, or just because he was interested in them. And it makes sense.

Once there deidara refuesd to join so itachi made him a deal. Thread starter Adamx1337; Start date Mar 3, 2012; Adamx1337 Member. Bae City Anime 530,846 views

Obito left to solo the mist Sasori, Orochimaru, and Kakazu joined around the same time.

Kisame was one of the first and most loyal of the group. Kisame, when we see him in the series, was only a member for Itachi. In episode 47, Akatsuki, under the appearance of Kisame, brought Samehada to a dog cafe and pretends that his sword is a dog who ends up befriending Akamaru. Obito recruited Kisame first to join, later he pulled in itachi after the massacre (although a spy). Pain and Konan wanted to capture Tailed Beasts and use them to destroy the Five Shinobi Nations.

The Akatsuki caught sight of Deidara, and Pain ordered Itachi Uchiha, Sasori, and Kisame Hoshigaki to recruit him. 18,000 posts, btw. Kisame confirms that when Itachi dies, he intends to leave the Akatsuki and move on with his life. Madara (Obito) Tells Sasuke The Truth About Itachi, Leaf Village and Uchiha Clan English Dub - Duration: 15:10.

There is a very similar thread on Narutobase: Itachi and Akatsuki Slightly edited the posts here and there. Itachi joined the Akatsuki so he could watch them from the inside: and make sure they did not attack Konoha. Also, I do believe that he mentioned that he personally supported Tobi’s …

Kisame joined first.

Kisame's reason for joining Akatsuki was spite, according to Pain. Kisame already had connections with Madara before joining Akatsuki. However, Obito approaches Kisame, probably not wanting to lose such a valuable piece to his plan, and reveals that he is pulling the strings. Kisame seemed more focused on being part of a team that shared the same goal. Cole, Nov 6, 2011 #13. hitokugutsu. Kisame eventually decides to join Akatsuki so he could see this "world of truth." Would Zabuza have joined Akatsuki? Discussion in 'New Leaf' started by Taijukage, Nov 6, 2011.

Then there is Yahiko -Konan and Nagato's (Pein's) friend- who founded Akatsuki, though Madara claims that he was the one who encouraged Yahiko to do so. The shinobi system is two-faced, and Kisame saw this.

In episode 51, Sasuke teams up with Akatsuki to avenge his brother Itachi, who …

It isn't pleasant living in a world where you might have to kill your teammates, and where you can betrayed by anybody, even your own village. If he did join I'm pretty sure it would be because of being forced to; since if Zabuza had survived the Land of Waves Arc I'd doubt he'd be joining an organization like Akatsuki willingly. Pein the akatsuki leader, sent sasori, itachi, and kisame to get deidara. Kisame was a shinobi tasked with murdering his own comrades. Itachi wanted to make sure the Akatsuki didn't attack Konoha or capture the Nine-Tails. Kisame was one of the first and most loyal of the group. ^^They are akatsuki's higher ups that itachi mentioned. He was very loyal to the Akatsuki and in a way saw the other members as friends, particularly Itachi. Then why did he let Itachi join the Akatsuki? That is why when he and Kisame first came to Konoha in Itachi's introduction he ended up leaving- he only came to warn the Village Elders that he was still alive, and that they could not hurt Sasuke. We don’t know why specifically he joined, though we do know he was recruited specifically by Pain himself. Cole, Nov 6, 2011. Tobi ultimate shows up and unintentionally admits that Samehada is not a dog in which they end up getting kicked out of the dog cafe after being revealed. Itachi made a bet with Deidara, saying if he lost, he would have to join Akatsuki.

Itachi's first teamed up partner, Juzo's story. EDIT: Also, the part where Pain introduces Itachi to the rest of Akatsuki was anime-only.

The criminal akatsuki started with Obito, Nagato, zetsu, and konan.