With design traits taken from the Mini, the X2 caliper has carefully discarded a few extra grams, while the sharp bite from the short square pads remain, and diffuse heat effectively through their small top fins. The lever has a split clamp and Hope offers spare clamps (£15) to attach a Shimano or SRAM shifter. Hope Tech 3 X2 disc brake review. 09 Oct 2018. The Tech 3 E4 is a doddle to set up – it’s precise, easy to align and we also had zero issues with bleeding and shortening the hose. Tech 3 Duo 2 calipers operated from a single master cylinder. Race Evo E4 Light all-round brake. >>> The best mountain bike disc brakes. Review by Charlie Collins. I have had Shimano XTR (not current, but 5-6yo models), current XT and Deore, and Hope Evo M4/X2. Race Evo X2 Our Lightest XC Race Brake. Setting the brakes up was straight-forward but it will pay dividends to be patient and get the wheel spinning as freely as possible. Super nice finish, very high quality brake. Re: Brakes: Hope Tech 3 X2 vs Deore XT M8000 « Reply #2 on: September 25, 2016, 11:23:38 PM » I did more research and found on a few other forums where it was mentioned if you had never had hydraulics, the XT are wonderful, but once you try the Hope brakes, the XTs feel like a toy.

Previous ... and my favorite caliper/lever combo is the Tech 3/E4. I found the Hope to be lacking in power, and really like the Shimanos, but need to run organic pads to reduce the on off feel. Hope Tech 3 X2 & E4 Brakes As I researched and confirmed over a handful rides, the XT M8000 brakes have an ample amount of braking power, however modulation seems to be non-existent. Manufacturer: Hope. In our house, we have x2, m4 and v2 brakes all running with tech 2 evo levers. Ive had Hope Tech X2s and Shimano Deore, SLX and XT new style. I was stuck on the hope fence for quiet a while .. adapters : Shimano SM-MA-F203P/PM Adapter Front (180mm) to 203mm | Disc Adaptors Shop Rotors : Shimano XT SM-RT86 6-hole Disc Rotor 203mm | Brake Rotor Discs Shop Zee front and rear with H03C metals : The Hope Tech 3 X2’s consistency and its comfortable and highly-adjustable brake lever secures it as our favourite dual-piston disc brake. The Tech levers didn't sit well on the bars with the XTR M970 shifter pods, so I bought the Matchmaker clamps from Hope which solve the problem and clean up the bars well. There’s a devoted following for Hope products, all designed, built and tested in the UK.

We've been trying out a variety of four-piston brakes over the past few months; the SRAM Code RSC, Shimano's new four-piston XT, and the Hope E4 with a Tech 3 lever. Wow! Products > Brakes > Cross Country. I've been on the new XT, XTR, as well as the newest XO trails.

Four Piston Brake Comparo: Shimano, SRAM and Hope. One thing to bear in mind if you run 2×10 with the ispec shifters directly into the Hope Tech 3 brake clamps you will struggle to run a reverb remote upside down next to the shifter/brake combo.
Hope Tech 3 E4 brakes opinions. The Tech 3 lever and X2 caliper are combined to make an XC and Trail brake to be reckoned with.

All are good brakes but this one is in a different class altogether. Want something that works and parts are easy to get - Shimano. Tech 3 X2 Lightweight Adjustable XC brake. Tech 3 X2 Flatmount Lightweight adjustable Flatmount XC brake.

I will say that when combined with Hope rotors and brake adapters (there is a reason I am using all Hope, I have found they make a much better system when used together vs. other manufacturers) they are very hard to beat.

We've been trying out a variety of four-piston brakes on our YT Jeffsy 29er over the past few months; the SRAM Code RSC, Shimano's new four-piston XT, and the Hope E4 with a Tech 3 lever. Tech 3 X2 Uno X2 calipers operated by a single Tech 3 lever .

Want Pretty - Hope - no questions.