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John Glenn, the first American to eat in space, eating applesauce during the Friendship 7 flight in 1962. The farthest humans have ever lived, and continue to live, from Earth is a spaceship called the ‘International Space Station’ or simply the ‘ISS’. Log in to reply to the answers Post; Faesson. All space missions are equipped with chicken coops. While Glenn and the other Mercury astronauts experienced no problems in chewing, drinking, swallowing, or digesting, the food was not considered very delicious. In the early days, astronauts ate food that came in dried cubes or had to be squeezed out of a metal tube. Richard. So, do astronauts tote all the water they need to last for a few months in space? The above picture is dinner basically! A space station study is helping investigators develop procedures and methods that allow astronauts to grow and safely eat space-grown vegetables. The crew will reside in the Habitation Module (HAB). What do astronauts eat in space, and how do they manage to eat food at all is the question? So far, little food has been produced in space. About 0.27 pounds (0.12 kilograms) of this weight is packaging material. Space Station Food System Space Station will become operational on a full time basis with a crew of 4. Relevance. The experiment also is investigating another benefit of growing plants in space: the non-nutritional value of providing comfort and relaxation to the crew. For example, an astronaut on the ISS uses about 1.83 pounds (0.83 kilograms) of food per meal each day. When astronauts travel into space, NASA scientists determine how much food will be needed for each mission. John Glenn, America's first man to eat anything in the near-weightless environment of Earth orbit, found the task of eating fairly easy, but found the menu to be limited. Astronauts take their food with them, from Earth. Log in to reply to the answers Post; George Patton.

Food and other supplies will be resupplied every 90 days by exchanging the Pressurized Logistics Module (PLM). To find out more about space food and related topics, visit our links page.

Oranges, pears, nectarines, grapefruit and jalapeno peppers have also flown occasionally. 0 1 0. The easiest thing to do is cut the food packet along one side, and in this case cut the whole bag and do not leave a tab like we usually do (to avoid small pieces of bag floating away…leaving a bag with a tab allows you to only have one piece of garbage to deal with). Fresh fruits and vegetables have been in demand with astronauts since the early Shuttle days. Still, retired astronaut Peggy Whitson, who logged a record-breaking 665 days in space for NASA, has said that going to the bathroom in space was her least favorite part of working in zero gravity. Food For Space Flight Space Food History The food that NASA's early astronauts had to eat in space is a testament to their fortitude. These food packets provide vitamins and minerals for astronauts in space to live . 3 Answers. Do your own homework. As there is less or no gravity in space astronauts take closed food packets with them to the space . 0 2 1. Lv 7. Today, they have a wide variety of options and their meals are much closer to those found on Earth.