It is a way of managing the environment, based on the traditional Māori world view. Kaitiakitanga means guardianship and protection, a deep kinship between humans and the natural world. 4. Exercising kaitiakitanga in all aspects of Maori tribal life requires assessment and protection of particular Maori resource management interests by not only Maori people, but also those with whom they interact and who are themselves stakeholders in resource management. Kaitiakitanga is a different way of looking at our world; where we know we do not own the earth (or the plot of land we think we have title to) to exploit as we wish. Instead we understand that we and all life is created from Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) and supported by her in a very inter-connected way. The Kaitiakitanga Program team will be responsible for fund raising, budgeting and all decision-making associated with its use. The Kaitiakitanga Program team is solely responsible for all finances. The extent to which the Crown’s commit-ment to honouring their Treaty promises is genuinely incorporated into workplace daily life is contestable, and therefore a major concern (Macfarlane et al., 2014; Whitinui, 2011). Kaitiakitanga means guardianship, protection, preservation or sheltering. auahatanga and kaitiakitanga—could be afforded a common dimension—hakamana tangata (placing people fi rst).

In A survey study conducted in 2012 investigated whether employee perceptions of the extent to which their organisation espoused 5 core Māori values identified in the literature (manaakitanga, wairuatanga, auahatanga, whakawhanaungatanga, and kaitiakitanga), influenced their disposition to engage in helping behaviours at work and feel more committed to the organisation. Kaitiakitanga – A sense of guardianship and protection for our land. A budget spreadsheet is used plan and manage all ECSD funding for the program. Wellington, 11 October 2018 – An innovative approach to monitoring farm effluent runoff is reaping financial rewards for farmers with bonuses for farming excellence. Business goals are aligned with shareholder aspirations (e.g., list organisation strategic goals and cultural priorities) (core) The business has a core set of cultural values and principles on which it operates and governs (e.g., list the values and how these are integrated into strategy and policy) (core) Loosely translated as hospitality, manaakitanga plays a key role in Māori society and inspires the New Zealand visitor experience - summing up the act of welcoming and sharing. This can be a person or group that cares for an area such as a lake or forest. A kaitiaki is a guardian. Nations and corporations are behaving in a way that is leading our children and our children’s children and our children’s children’s children into a bleak, … Tāria te wā and kaitiakitanga - long-term thinking, guardianship.
The notion of the long journey, with a clear direction but the need for patience when waiting for results, is new to the literature for Māori leadership. Kaitiakitanga and Technology Benefiting Farmers, Environment. This article presents a case for advocacy that calls for early childhood teachers to consider their role in promoting and creating sustainability within early childhood educational settings in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Through practicing kaitiakitanga, organizations can build businesses where wisdom is consciously created through reciprocal relationships.

This is transparent and freely viewable on our website. Kaitiakitanga was an obligation to act and care for one’s own, from within a whakapapa framing. It is a way of managing the environment, based on the Māori world view.