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Turned it off, …

Although just like other apps that we have on our device, we can encounter certain issues with iMessages, which are normal, but not exactly when it keeps happening all the time. In the text below, you can find 5 ways to fix unresponsive Facebook messenger on iPhone, and one of your favorite apps will work flawlessly again. Most of the time, when software on an iPad won't update, the culprit is an authentication problem.

Many iPhone owners use the Messenger app when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Read on: iPad Microphone Not Working: Tips to Fix the Issue IT’S A SOFTWARE THING

Messenger will be up and running. A lot of users complain that their iPad sound is not working or have other sound issues with their iPad.

Toggle the iMessage option to turn it off then back on. See also:5 Ways To Fix Facebook Constantly Crashing On iPhone. When Facebook Messenger is not working on iPad, start with some of the simplest solutions, like this one is.

Or, the iPad may be downloading another update or app simultaneously, and your app is waiting in line. Make sure that your device has enough space to receive images and videos. The guide here is going to teach you how to fix Messenger … Messenger Kids is available in select regions in the App Store for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone, the Amazon Appstore for Fire tablets, and the Google Play Store for all other Android devices. When your iPad’s microphone isn’t working, it’s usually one of two things: software issue that a reset/restore fixes or a hardware issue where the microphone is blocked or gone kaput.
On rare occasions, the iPad forgets about the app.

Type in “Messenger”, then tap the cloud icon with an arrow point down to reinstall the app. I have an Ipad 1 and am running iOS 5.1.1 Earlier today my messenger was working.

Why Facebook Messenger video calling not working? Tweet. If you don't see an option to turn on MMS Messaging or Group Messaging on your iPhone, then your carrier might not support this feature. About Us Newsletter Fitness Apps Gaming Deals Advertising Inquiries Licensing and Reprints ... Why are my messages not loading on Facebook messenger… Lately, a number of users reported their iOS 11/11.1 Facebook Messenger crashing. Make sure that you entered the correct phone number or email address for the contact. If it doesn't then let's try something else.

5 ways to fix unresponsive Facebook messenger on iPhone