Incorporating weather and climate forecasts into decision-making can give you an edge in almost every industry. If you have chosen a paid subscription, you will need to tell us your payment details. Demand for weather information can peak sharply during weather events such as storms or heavy snowfalls across the UK, so the infrastructure also had to be flexible, and respond to demand dynamically. The Met Office said the clouds look like a rare formation called Asperitas. The Met Office’s production cloud architecture uses Amazon Direct Connect to securely connect supercomputer outputs to the cloud, transferring 10 terabytes of operational data to the cloud every day. Met Éireann, the Irish National Meteorological Service, is the leading provider of weather information and related services for Ireland. The Met Office has provided a scientific explanation behind a strange cloud that disrupted sunbathing for many beachgoers on Wednesday (May 20). Some of which can only be seen in very specific circumstances or locations.

Most of us see clouds every day, but have you been lucky enough to spot one of these 7 particularly rare types?

The Meteorological Office, abbreviated as the Met Office is the United Kingdom's national weather service. To meet growing demand for its services, the UK’s national weather service, the Met Office, embraced a hybrid cloud strategy underpinned by IBM® solutions, helping it deliver data to clients fast while keeping costs low. Weather as a service: How the UK’s Met Office is creating big data clouds Jim Mortleman – May 2016 With a growing commercial focus, the UK government’s official weather forecaster is seeking to evolve its big data services into a set of cloud-based platforms, highlights Met Office CIO Charles Ewen .
The Challenge. Have you ever wondered what cloud names such as cirrus and stratus actually mean? Wildfires and volcanoes can cause intense heating which leads to the rapid formation of clouds, these can produce dramatic lightning displays and even spark further fires. Do you know your stratocumulus from your cumulonimbus? Using AWS, the Met Office has been able to increase agility, speed, and scalability while reducing costs. Share your rare or unusual cloud pictures with us!
Subscribe to a Met Office Weather DataHub API After you've registered your application, simply select and subscribe to the API you want from the API Library. The new cloud infrastructure was needed to support Met Office digital services. Incredible Flammagenitus clouds captured over the Australian wildfires by @JoBenhamu over on Twitter. It is an executive agency and trading fund of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy led by CEO Penelope Endersby, who took on the role as Chief Executive in December 2018, the first woman to do so. The Benefits. A spokesperson said: "Asperitas is a distinctive but relatively rare cloud formation that …