Although moonbows are a rare phenomenon, there's a spot in Kentucky where the conditions occur from time to time: Cumberland Falls. Located near Corbin, KY, Cumberland Falls is a beautiful spot to check out. The best time to see the moonbow is just after the moon has cleared the ridge looming over the Falls. Cumberland Falls. A rainbow around the moon is called a lunar halo. The 8 Most Incredible Natural Attractions In Kentucky That Everyone Should Visit. Booking is simple. Cumberland Falls is one of the few places in the world that regularly produces a moonbow. It is usually visible about an hour after night fall beginning two nights before a full moon. It's only visible the few days surrounding a full moon and even then, it's not guaranteed. Orion was setting when Rob Ratkowski captured this rare moonbow in Hawaii in May 2004. HOWEVER...the on the night of a full moon, the parking lots are crazy with tourists!
With National Moon Day approaching on July 20 th and the Anniversary of the Apollo 11’s first landing on the Moon, we felt it appropriate to feature the science of moonbows in this month’s newsletter.. A moonbow is also commonly referred to as a lunar rainbow.

First, a moonbow forms the same way a rainbow forms but uses the sun’s light reflecting off the moon’s surface (moonlight) as the source. | Photo by Angela Turner

... At night, during a full moon, visitors can see a moonbow, a night rainbow. Written by. A moonbow is a rare natural atmospheric phenomena that occurs when the Moon’s light is reflected and refracted off water … It was one of the things we put on our Road Trip Bucket List, and something I would recommend everyone see at some point in their travels through Kentucky.. It’s a phenomenon you can’t see anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere – the only other reported moonbow can be seen at Victoria Falls in Zambia in Africa. ... as it is only one of two places in the world where you can see a rainbow, thanks to the moon. This weeks Travel Thursday takes us to the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. This photo was taken in the morning and showcases a rainbow, but a similar rainbow can be seen a night during a full moon, called the moonbow. This site is also popular due to it is one of a few places you can see a moonbow during a Full Moon. But you have to know when to see it, how to get there, and what to expect.
Williamsburg, Kentucky: Moonbow at Cumberland Falls During nights on or near a full moon, when the sky's clear, Cumberland Falls creates a Moonbow, which it claims is "a phenomenon not found anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere." The planet Venus is the bright object inside the bow. If you're planning a family camping excursion or if you're springtime trip coincides with the Kentucky Derby, there's no time like the present to make your KOA reservation. Jump online to read about the Lunar Rainbow in Kentucky that occurs there at the waterfall. Kentucky's horse country stretches to the north between Lexington and Lousiville.

It is truely a remarkable phenomenon..a rainbow at night in a waterfall! 125 ft wide wall of water drops into a boulder-strewn gorge. Cumberland Falls & the Moonbow – Check out this beautiful waterfall.

The “it” she was referring to was the Cumberland Falls Moonbow, a spectacular lunar rainbow that can be seen in the mist at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Kentucky.