Jack Favell . We have to agree with him on that one. An icy, stern and imposing figure never ever seen smiling, Mrs. Danvers (portrayed in the movie by Judith Anderson) has been widely praised as one of the most memorable movie villainesses ever seen. The sinister housekeeper at Manderley. Perhaps the most ambiguous character in the novel, Mrs. Danvers is the elderly caretaker and chief servant at Manderley. Mrs. DeWinter’s fearful and timid reactions, paired with the creeping music, make this a sinister scene. Mrs. Danvers is the villain of Daphnée Du Maurier's novel Rebecca, made internationally famous for its movie adaptation by Sir Alfred Hitchcock. Over the course of the novel, Mrs. Danvers reveals an unhealthy obsession with Rebecca and a determination to punish the narrator for taking her place. More than that, Mrs. Danvers is portrayed as a wraith; a sexual predator who is out to make Mrs. DeWinter her next victim. She's always creeping around in some dark passageway, or spying from across the way, or with her ear to the door, or her eye to the key hole.

She was fiercely devoted to Rebecca, and remains devoted to her even after death. Mrs. Danvers. Rebecca's cousin. She takes every opportunity to undermine the narrator and remind her of her inferiority to Rebecca, convincing her to dress as Caroline De Winter for the costume ball and even urging her to kill herself by jumping out of the window.

Danvers remains utterly devoted to Rebecca —it’s never clear if this is because she doesn’t understand that Rebecca is really a wicked woman, or because she knows and approves of Rebecca’s wickedness (or Rebecca wasn’t wicked at all, and it’s only Maxim who says so). Lacking integrity and given to alcoholic behavior, he was Rebecca's lover while she was married to Maxim. She's bullying, manipulative, sneaky and downright mean.

Frank Crawley Maxim tells Mrs. de Winter that Mrs. Danvers is "an extraordinary character" (7.15, 7.109). She despises the heroine for taking her mistress's place.