Just before 10.30 am, an earthquake rocked the city centre. The most damage happened at the Newcastle Workers Club when walls and multiple floors collapsed, dropping 300 tonnes of concrete onto the ground-floor car park, killing 9 people. Welcome to Wests City. The venue includes a brand-new sports bar, The Kingstown Bar, which will be the home of live sport in Newcastle, and also houses NEX, which hosts some of the biggest and best events in town. A tenth person died in hospital of shock. Newcastle Workers Club. Creator: Medical Communication Unit, University of Newcastle, Australia | Read the full record details for Photograph: Earthquake - Rubble, rescuers & reinforcing - Old Newcastle Workers Club, NSW 13 people died. Despite considerable difficulties, since the newspaper’s own building … Barker, 6/7/1990 C853 (c) “The Design, Detailing and Construction of masonry – The Lessons from Newcastle earthquake”, Pictured is Newcastle Workers Club, where nine of the 13 fatalities were killed The warning of another deadly disaster comes as 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the Banda Sea …

Another three people died in other parts of Newcastle, bringing the final death toll to 13, and a further 160 people were seriously injured. NEWCASTLE Workers Club collapsed in the 1989 earthquake because one or two of the key concrete columns supporting the building's western wall "appeared to be significantly understrength" compared with accepted standards at the time, an engineer has reported.

LONG HISTORY: The original Trades Hall building with the Newcastle Workers Club on the top floor. Rad more: Everyone in Newcastle has an earthquake story In the street, a local television reporter was conducting an interview when the quake suddenly struck. SHAKEN: The scene of destruction following the December 1989 earthquake that killed nine people in the club. C853 (b) “Report on the Structural Failure of Newcastle Workers Club caused by Newcastle Earthquake on 28th December 1989”, R.B. 9 of the deaths occurred inside the Newcastle Workers Club.

LONG HISTORY: The workers club in the 1960s. 50,000 buildings were damaged - About 80% of these were homes. The earthquake claimed 13 lives. Three people were crushed to death under collapsed awnings on Beaumont Street Hamilton.

(Credit: City of Newcastle) Wests City is your one-stop venue for great food and entertainment, right in the heart of Newcastle.

The collapse of the Newcastle Workers Club began at the top of the club causing the building to cascade into itself trapping patrons and workers within the building. Thirteen people died, nine of them in the ruins of the Workers Club. The two were working there the morning of the earthquake … The Newcastle Workers Club was hit hard in the 1989 earthquake.

It is impossible to under­estimate how integral the Newcastle Workers Club … news, local-news, newcastle earthquake anniversary, 25th anniversary newcastle quake.

Among the photos is the wreckage of the Newcastle Workers Club, a place where they were both once employed. Other buildings around it - old and new - survived the same forces with little or no structural damage, but the club interior collapsed as if hit by a bomb. Recovery efforts gravitated towards the collapsed Newcastle Workers Club, where nine people died and other survivors were trapped in the rubble. ALTHOUGH the 1989 earthquake damaged some 50,000 buildings as its waves of energy fanned out from Boolaroo, one building, Newcastle Workers Club, suffered more than the rest. The 1989 Newcastle earthquake occurred in Newcastle, New South Wales on Thursday, 28 December.

160 people were injured. The earthquake claimed 13 lives: 9 people died at the Newcastle Workers Club, 3 people were killed in Beaumont Street Hamilton, and one person died of shock 160 people were hospitalised 50,000 buildings were damaged (approximately 40,000 of these were homes) 9 people died at the Newcastle Workers Club; 3 people were killed in Beaumont Street, Hamilton and one person died of shock 160 people were hospitalised 50,000 buildings were damaged (approximately 40,000 of these were homes) THE earthquake which struck Newcastle on December 28, 1989, was one of the biggest stories the Newcastle Herald has covered.  It measured 5.6 on the Richter scale and killed 13 people, causing widespread damage. The collapse of the Newcastle Workers Club took nine lives. Three others were killed on Beaumont Street in inner-suburban Hamilton when shop awnings collapsed and another person died the following day from quake-induced shock.

Paul Somerville, Risk Frontiers.