July 17, 2018 . Pararescue. r/Pararescue: This subreddit is for all things that are USAF Pararescue and in relation to USAF Pararescue. Prior to beginning the course, non-prior service candidates (eg. Search the 920th Rescue Wing: Search. The Air Force Pararescueman (PJ) is the Air Force's ground special operations combat medic specifically trained to rescue fallen military members in all branches of the service. Commentaries Features Art Photos About Us. Pararescue Mission. Become a nationally registered paramedic, learn how to assess a patient, bandage/package them up and keep them alive until they reach definitive care whether its 10 minutes or 10 hours away. Once they're on the ground, they provide emergency trauma and field medical care and help move injured personnel if airborne recovery isn't possible. Their job requires them to be at peak physical and mental fitness. This is how it plans to get them.

A&S trains Pararescue, Combat Control, Special Reconnaissance, Special Tactics Officer and Combat Rescue Officers together in one course. Pararescue training is demanding. These Air Force Reserve members are assigned to Army or Marine units and tasked with directing air and artillery strikes from forward ground locations. r/Pararescue: This subreddit is for all things that are USAF Pararescue and in relation to USAF Pararescue. The 500+ PJs are assigned to Guardian Angel and Special Tactics Squadrons throughout the Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Air Force components. If you meet the minimum standards, you will qualify, but you should plan to exceed the minimums to be prepared to meet the challenges that exist above the bar. Pararescuemen perform life-saving missions in humanitarian and combat situations, in some of the toughest, most challenging circumstances imaginable. Also replace "reserve" with "air national guard" (hint, hint) for some of those units because they only exist in the Guard. Overview: The primary mission of Pararescuemen is to rescue and recover downed aircrews behind enemy lines, including providing emergency medical treatment.They are trained in scuba, parachuting, snowmobiling and other disciplines necessary to reach stranded and isolated aircrews. So you begin the USAF Pararescue Indoctrination Course, a selection course of 10 weeks long that is considered one of the toughest schools in the military. While many other special operations units note their successes by how many enemy soldiers they kill or capture, the Air Force PJ is trained to primarily save lives. Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Overview: United States military operations employ extensive coordination between the various branches to ensure optimal use of resources.