The Element Purcell Prusik (aka DEM Prusik) Like many of you, we utilize the Purcell Prusik for a few applications, like an adjustable personal tether, certain anchor rigging configurations, attendant/casualty tether, friction hitch/rope grab, and periodically as an adjunct in load transfers. The Purcell can be purchased (from Sterling Rope) or easily tied from 6mm nylon cord. Read more about using the prusik in your personal climbing anchor in the August issue of Climbing . Sewn prusiks are structurally stitched, Stitching sealed with heat shrink. Our 100% nylon sewn products offer unmatched performance—with strength equivalent to a tied Prusik loop, just without the cumbersome knot. So i've been doing alot of research into what personal anchor system to invest in before I set up a rappell. For the last 2 years' or so I've always used a purcell prussik made from 7mm cordellete with a carabiner on the end to tie direct into anchors. Our factory-sewn SecureStitch™ is covered with durable clear shrink tubing that allows for regular inspection and helps protect the stitching for longer life. hallo franz. It is especially useful for climbing instructors and guides who need a versitile and easy to adjust system for personal anchoring. About that “Trap” Rock Climbing Anchor Why aren't Purcell-Prusiks more popular for personal anchor? A Purcell Prusik is an adjustable tether used by climbers to connect an anchor. Video - Make a Purcell Prusik. The prusik knot will slip under high load, avoiding the extreme impact forces of falls on more static tethers. Shop GM CLIMBING 8mm (5/16") Purcell Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn for Personal Anchor System General Tether 48 inches. Adjustable prusik on a prusik, used in two different lengths for personal safety. Purcell Prusik for PAS. Figured that it was less bulk/cord to have on the harness, but the main reason was that it was adjustable. The concerns which are feeling biggest for me just now are that the Purcell is a bit more convenient for extra shock absorption when climbing a little a above a rappel anchor. Most importantly it is safer because the prusik knot allows slippage which dissipates some of the energy of the fall and thus reduces the maximum arrest force (MAF). GM CLIMBING 8mm (5/16") Purcell Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn for Personal Anchor System General Tether 48 inches; 48in 8mm Purcell Prusik Loop from GM CLIMBING, by tying a prusik knot on itself, becomes an adjustable safe tether to be widely used for Search and Rescue, ascend/descent climbing, arborist footlock, friction hitch, and other connecting / rigging tasks.