nationwide transport system that continues to support the UK’s economic prosperity.

The more we listen to the evidence, the greater the impact our policies will have. Since 2006, the desire to reduce transport CO 2 emissions has become a major aim of transport policy. Sustainable urban transport policy. 12 December 2014 . An analysis o provided in Appendix D and has been very useful in formulating this policy.
And our policy decisions must be firmly based on the evidence of the costs and benefits of those policies. Sustainable transport research at UCL has contributed significantly to a major shift in UK and international transport policy to include consideration of climate change. The public consultation response was encouraging, with over 1300 questionna internet or as paper copies, and 43 letters or emails submitted. However, opportunities to maximise sustainable transport solutions will vary between urban and rural areas, and this should be taken into account in both plan-making and decision-making.
have employed Sustrans, the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity, to advise on best p the UK and internationally. 104.