We deliver as usual! What are Swarovski binoculars? HD-OPTICS Swarovski trademark HD optics feature fluoride-containing lenses, which virtually eliminate color aberrations. Ideal for observing over long distances. This 10x42 binocular is one of four models in the range of Swarovski EL Binoculars, where EL stands for Ergonomic, Light. Swarovski EL 10x42 Binoculars feature revolutionary Swarovision technology, which is a combination of fluoride HD optics, field flattener lenses and large eye relief, ensuring impressive image resolution over the entire field of view, even for eyeglass wearers. Made by Swarovski Optik, these EL 42 binoculars features the company's signature Swarovision technology for optimal image resolution over the entire field of view. Ergonomic: They feature thumb depressions and the very comfortable wrap around grip that has a gap between the barrels (or the Torsion-free twin-bridge construction as they like to call it) that enables you to comfortably use them even with one hand. The scatter is considerably less with fluoride than with even the best types of optical glass. The EL 10x42 offers an unparalleled viewing experience in the wild. Whether hunting or simply watching nature, the powerful Swarovski EL will deliver distant vistas into your view. The EL Range 10x42 shows precise details when viewing over long distances thanks to its 10x magnification. New focusing mechanism for fast, precise focusing. The EL Range binoculars from SWAROVSKI OPTIK provide the perfect blend of optics and ergonomics, combining uncompromising image quality with precise angle and range measurement. Thanks to the new FieldPro package, the EL Range 10x42 will also impress with their enhanced strap connector, integrated objective lens and eyepiece covers, as well as the new, distinctive measurement button for even more precise operation. EL 10x42 W B EL 10x42 binoculars capture the crucial details with their 10x magnification. The technology features a combination of field flattener lenses and high-definition optics that yields outstanding contrast, even when you're using the binoculars at dusk. You will be able to see every movement, all the time. Due to possible longer delivery times, we have extended the right of return to 30 days.