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Another big issue (or potential issue) involved with terraforming the moon is gravity. no comments yet.

best. The Moon is about one quarter the diameter of the Earth, so this cylinder would be four times as large, but it won't have four times the mass, we are just rearranging the mass of the Moon into a cylinder shape, it will still create lunar tides on Earth, and if you want to look at the old Moon, well the outer cylinder will be covered with solar panels so it will look quite dark. Hey Everyone, I want to say that before Terafforming Moon we need to Terraform Earth because currently Amazon Forest is currently on fire and this a … The moon IRL is right ahead of me, shining down. jump to content. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. 0 comments. I love how beautiful it is both IRL and in game, makes me wish I could be one of the few lucky colonists I have in my game right now. The low-gravity conditions would let the moon settlers to jump as high as three meters off the ground, remaining in the air for four seconds.

Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. 173. 100% Upvoted. I terraformed the moon! It might be possible.

Posted by 6 days ago. share. It would be cloudy and tides would go as high as to 20 meters. On the moon you have a 354 hour day and 354 hour night. This makes it much harder to utilize solar energy or grow plants. Pretty much the only advantage the Moon has over Mars is it's proximity in terms of human habitability. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. This makes it much harder to utilize solar energy or grow plants. Idk if anyone else feels the same, but just thought you guys would understand this more than my friends. Sort by. The moon has about 1/6th of the gravity of Earth, so everything is much lighter. Supposing scientists actually terraform the moon, it new colonized moon would get very warm from the greenhouse effect.

I terraformed the moon!

Humans are accustomed to Earth's gravitational pull. We use it to move and live freely. On the Moon, with 1/6th the gravity of Earth, well, calculating it gets ugly, but if you dig a hole, some, 30-50 miles into the Moon's surface, perhaps at a steep incline to avoid direct sunlight but still take advantage of reflected sunlight. Currently sitting out in the back yard working on the moon limited time event.

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