... once you reached a certain population you can still have the spaces when the population is reduced below it. In order for plants to survive, the pressure must be between 10,000 and 190,000, whereas animals and Humans need a pressure between 50,000 and 150,000 to survive.

You don't have to finish one game before you can start the next. Governors were added in the February 3rd 2020 update of TerraGenesis.

New player looking for tips on how to play? Make sure to have at least one city with a spaceport sitting at less than 3 degrees from the equator so it can serve as the socket city for a Space Elevator. Mining is not a very efficient way of earning credits. TerraGenesis is a mobile game on iOS and Android in which you must colonize desolate worlds and choose to terraform them into habitable, sustainable worlds where people can live on the surface without a spacesuit, or keep the planet as it was and live in huge domes on the surface. They are unlockable characters that you can assign to each of your worlds' cities. If you have unlocked a governor on one world, they will be unlocked on every world. Spaceports and Culture Revenue should be your main sources of credits. Pressure is one of the several factors that are necessary for the terraforming of a world. Level Charts Edit. The fourth way is through the Space Elevator. Here on this wiki you can chat with others and post helpful content and learn tips and trick in TerraGenesis. Levels beyond V are only reached through events. You can even have multiple save files for the same world going at the same time. Mining is one of the four main ways to earn credits, with the others being Culture Revenue, revenue earned through facilities like the Spaceport, and revenue earned through the Space Elevator. Start here. Set them to double speed to get there faster. For more than half a century, rockets have been the only way to go to space. The videos are a bit slow to get to the point. Each governor has effects. Genesis Points can be spent to add an extra facility even if you don't have space, with cost increasing the more facilities you already have. You can see how far from the equator a city is when you place it.

For more complete information, visit this page. If you assign a governor to a city, that governor's effects will be applied to that city.