You are turned on if she competes with you in games or sports, especially if she gives you a good match (even though you want to win). Women who were blessed with Venus in Libra are amazing friends and lovers. You want things to balance, give and take. They are more attracted to men who admire them for their intelligence and their life’s values. VENUS. Maybe more than three. Venus in Libra has a logical brain which they use to argument a lot. The Venus in Libra man won’t feel fulfilled and accomplished without sharing his everything with someone. They are jewelry lover. Libra, the Scales, love to … The Venus in Libra male is attracted to women who are sophisticated, but not stuck-up or pretentious. You are graceful, charming, an elegant dresser and probably do … The planet Venus and Libra rule over the kidney’s throat, parathyroid, and veins so your Libra Lady can develop issues with any of the latter later in life. Venus in Gemini is the girl men love to hate. Hwr ruling planet is Venus, after all.

Venus in Libra men and women have idealized images of their relationships, even to the point where the relationship becomes bigger than life, taking on a life of its own. Libra Venus is a guilty of pleasure seeker. Venus in Libra women love partaking in events where they can share their opinions on it and even debate various topics. You have good manners and show balanced consideration across the board like leaving a fair tip in the restaurant.

The position of Venus in a man's chart, by sign. You may find fulfillment in a job as a nurse, surgeon, professor, judge, or another profession like professional tasting. If you are crude, abrasive, selfish, dirty or even too loud, they will simply avoid you. They can become quietly resentful if they feel they are being taken advantage of — and they make … Ruled by Venus and known for its personal attractiveness, Libra is a sign that likes to surround itself with nice things and beautiful people. If Venus is in Libra for you, then that can translate to mean that you are easy to be with and a dynamic talker.

If his Venus sign is in Aquarius then he's attracted to a woman who stands out from the crowd by being unorthodox and unique. Venus in Libra Women. Ultra sensitive or shy women are not usually the most attractive women to these m - Originally posted in the Astrology forum. Taking Venus in Libra on a date to a fine dining restaurant or a cultural event will make them even more attracted to the suitor. The Venus in Libra person is attracted to anything refined, classically beautiful, peaceful, and kind.

As far as people, this translates into those who are fair, tactful and considerate. Her impulsive nature is appealing. Venus in Libra Woman in Love. The quirkier and more original she is, the better. And she wields that knowledge with a confidence that makes it easier for her to talk – and flirt – with anyone. You're likely to respect and encourage her to be her own person. He craves for companionship, for a person to go alongside him amidst life’s challenges. Career & Finance When it comes to career pursuits, the best path for the Libra Woman is one that allows her to make use of … She is very demanding in love. Fairness is the most important thing with Venus in Libra.

If a man’s Venus is in Libra, he is most attracted to femininity expressed as understated charm, good manners, and a simple but beautiful appearance.
If Your Moon or Venus are in Aries - You're attracted to a bold, independent woman who assertively goes after what she wants (especially if it's you).

If a man's Venus is in Aries, he is often attracted to a tomboyish woman, perhaps athletic in appearance, but more importantly, direct, forthright, and straightforward. Libra Venus is highly attracted to powerful male. Coarseness or rudeness is often a turn-off. Venus in Libra gives her true love thrice in life. You are one of the warmest and funny and welcoming signs of the 12.